Does Progressive Insurance Have Good Ratings? A Comprehensive Guide

Price is a common factor when it comes to buying car insurance but let's leave that aside for now. Learn about Progressive's goals & core values & explore their art installations & collection highlights & more.

Does Progressive Insurance Have Good Ratings? A Comprehensive Guide

Price is a common factor when it comes to buying car insurance, but let's leave that aside for now. You should be confident that the savings you're looking for come from an insurer you can trust.


is that reliable insurer, as our financial strength is reflected in our strong third-party ratings. These financial ratings come from independent companies and help determine the likelihood that a company will meet its financial obligations.

We have achieved some of the highest financial ratings and distinctions from A. M. Best and other leading organizations, which means that we have a superior ability to meet our insurance commitments and pay for our customers' claims. Whether you're looking for a new profession or simply want to learn more about Progressive, here's all the information you need to get started.

Learn about our goals and how we achieve them, discover how we live our core values in our communities, explore our art installations, collection highlights and more, meet our teams, apply for a job and more. Insurance doesn't have to be complicated. Get simple explanations for all your questions. Get quick tips for living life, from owning a car and home to going on adventures. A little preparation goes a long way.

Calculate how much you can afford. Find out what's new about Progressive online, on TV and on the go. It's generally a good idea to buy all insurance products from the same insurer, as most (including Progressive) offer bundle discounts. For example, Progressive has a score of 1.70 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), meaning it has more customer complaints than the average insurer of its size.

Progressive car insurance rates

are based on your driving record and experience, along with factors such as the type of car you drive, your zip code, your insurance history, and more. To help drivers better understand how much Progressive car insurance costs, the publishers of WalletHub obtained examples of Progressive car insurance quotes for a total of six driver profiles, which are quite representative of drivers across the UK. They are available to policyholders who combine renters insurance, homeowners insurance, or other insurance products with their Progressive car insurance.

If your claim is taking too long, you can contact your insurer directly or go to your state's insurance regulator for help. Each insurance company determines their rates differently, so while Progressive is one of the cheapest car insurance companies, the only way to confirm that you've found the lowest price is to compare quotes from several companies.

Progressive offers both homeowners and renters insurance

, along with discounts when combined with other Progressive insurance policies. We recommend that you contact the insurer and other companies to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for your situation. Yes, Progressive's insurance rates are competitive, as the company is one of the 10 cheapest insurers nationwide, according to data from WalletHub. If you're trying to find the best car insurance coverage for your vehicle, you'll want to compare prices and compare car insurance rates from several major providers.

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